Manual Reiki – Laur Manea (English Edition)

Are you looking for information about this wonderful therapy? Then, this is the book you are seeking, which will guide you in your decision whether or not to step onto the path of Reiki!

Are you initiated into Reiki therapy? For in-depth knowledge and all the information you need for the journey towards mastery, you must absolutely read this book!

Are you a Reiki Master? Then you must always have this book with you. It includes everything about Reiki, as well as how initiations in Reiki should be performed, step by step, with explicit images.


It is a Reiki Manual from A to Z that you cannot do without, whether you are a student or a Reiki Master. “Reiki Manual” is an exceptional and comprehensive guide that stands out as the ultimate resource for anyone interested in the ancient healing art of Reiki. Crafted by seasoned Reiki Masters and practitioners, this manual transcends its peers with its unparalleled depth, clarity, and practicality.

With an engaging and accessible writing style, the manual takes readers on a transformative journey through the history, philosophy, and principles of Reiki. From its origins in Japan to its widespread global impact, every aspect is meticulously explored, providing a profound understanding of the art’s essence.

The manual’s uniqueness lies in its ability to cater to practitioners of all levels, from beginners to Reiki Masters. Novices will be delighted by the manual’s gentle approach, which introduces them to the fundamental concepts and techniques of Reiki with easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations.

As readers progress, the manual delves into more advanced topics, presenting in-depth insights into energy healing, chakra balancing, and the subtle nuances of channeling Reiki energy. With each chapter, the reader’s expertise and confidence grow, empowering them to tap into the limitless potential of Reiki healing.

One of the manual’s crowning glories is its inclusion of the most intricate and precise instructions for Reiki initiations. For those on the path to becoming Reiki Masters, the manual leaves no stone unturned, meticulously detailing the sacred initiation rituals, complete with vivid imagery and step-by-step procedures.

Beyond technique, “Reiki Manual” goes above and beyond, exploring the spiritual and meditative aspects of Reiki practice. It illuminates the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit, enabling practitioners to achieve a higher state of consciousness and self-awareness through Reiki.

The manual’s layout is a testament to its excellence, with clear organization and user-friendly navigation. Readers can easily find what they need, whether they seek a quick reference or a deep dive into specific Reiki practices.

In conclusion, “Reiki Manual” is an indispensable treasure trove for Reiki enthusiasts worldwide. Its wisdom transcends borders, cultures, and belief systems, making it a universally respected guide for all who seek to explore and master the transformative healing powers of Reiki. Whether you are just starting on your Reiki journey or are already a seasoned practitioner, this manual will undoubtedly be your constant companion, enriching your understanding and practice of Reiki with each turn of the page.

Laur Manea

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